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The Prince of Egypt; Exodus (Part 2)

After the Israelites cried out, God chose a partner to help Him lead the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt.  Who was this partner and what character traits do we see him exhibit?  One of the first things we see … Continue reading

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An Education in Wonder; Wednesday Wisdom

“We teach the children how to measure, how to weigh.  We fail to teach them how to revere, how to sense wonder and awe.  The sense for the sublime, the sign of the inward greatness of the human soul and … Continue reading

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The Ineffable; Wednesday Wisdom

“What smites us with unquenchable amazement is not that which we grasp and are able to convey but that which lies within our reach but beyond our grasp; not the quantitative aspect of nature but something qualitative; not what is … Continue reading

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Words Create Worlds; Monday Morning Parable

A break from the typical parables from the Talmud, Bible, etc. to share a story from Susannah Heschel about her father: “Words, he often wrote, are themselves sacred, God’s tool for creating the universe, and our tools for bringing holiness … Continue reading

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Man’s Unfinished Symphony

“The attempt to convey what we see and cannot say is the everlasting theme of man’s unfinished symphony, a venture in which adequacy is never achieved.” –Abraham Joshua Heschel, Man Is Not Alone

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Learning from the Thief

Rabbi Zusha once said: “I learned seven things from the thief: 1)What he does, he keeps to himself. 2) He is willing to take risks to attain his goal. 3) He does not distinguish between “major” and “minor” things, but … Continue reading

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Why Weren’t You More Like You?

A classic story tells about the great Rabbi Zusha, who was found agitated and upset as he lay on deathbed. His students asked, “Rebbe, why are you so sad? After all the the great things you have accomplished, your place … Continue reading

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