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King Solomon’s Doors; Monday Morning Parable

God gave the honor of building the first Temple in Jerusalem to King Solomon, the third king of Israel and son of the Great King David.  his wisdom for architecture was legendary; his insight into design beyond compare.  But in … Continue reading

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Give to Caesar What is Caesar’s; and to God What Is God’s; Wednesday Wisdom

Today I wanted to share a passage from Luke 20 that deals with Jesus and the Caesar.  This great passage in the gospel accounts really helps me remember what is important, especially in times of intense political debate. First a … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Fair Employer and Rabbinic Parallels

One of my favorite parables in the gospel accounts is the parable of the fair employer found in Matthew 20.  What’s really cool about this parable is that it has numerous parallels in rabbinic literature, as is the case for … Continue reading

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