Rabbi and the Valuable Diamond, Monday Morning Parable

There was a rabbi who one day said to his disciple, “go to the Gentile Greek donkey dealer and buy saddle bag, we must travel to Jerusalem for the feast.”

The disciple came back later very excited and said, “Rabbi look in the saddle bag there was a diamond; a very, very valuable diamond, and he must not have realized it was in there, we’re rich!”

“Bring it back,” the rabbi said.

“But rabbi…” the disciple said.

“Bring it back,” said the rabbi.

Disgruntled the disciple left to bring it back.

“What did the Gentile donkey dealer say?” the rabbi said when the disciple returned.

“Blessed be the God of the rabbi, for creating such an honest man.” The disciple said.

As the disciple pondered why one does Godly things to others, and thought about the reason for bringing the diamond back was that the name of God would be blessed by a Gentile, by a non-believer, the rabbi spoke.

“Many wish to know how to bring people to God, what God desires is that his followers learn how to bring God to others.”

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