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God Will Use You and Me, but Mostly Me! Wednesday Wisdom

The title for this post is inspired by a song from the award-winning musical Book of Mormon that really resonated with me and reminded me of something I often see in church settings.  A sort of spiritual competition where people … Continue reading

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Addressed Personally, Monday Morning Parable

There is an ancient rabbinic legend about the disciples of a great rabbi, the Baal Shem Tov.  After evening prayers the rabbi would listen to all students who were seeking advice from him in a group setting. One evening as … Continue reading

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Sukkot and Living Water

In the Hebrew Bible (Christian Old Testament), God instituted a religious calendar for the people to follow that involved several scheduled feasts (Leviticus 23).  After the day of atonement (Yom Kippur), the people celebrated the most joyous feast of all, … Continue reading

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Breathing Under Water, Spirituality and the 12 Steps by Richard Rohr

I recently started reading a book by Richard Rohr on how the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous are rooted in the gospel message of Jesus.  An interesting and fascinating topic to say the least.  One passage that struck me was … Continue reading

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Jesus Hasn’t Done Anything Yet, Wednesday Wisdom

Today I wanted to share a passage with you that’s been speaking to me these past couple of days in a profound way.  It comes from Matthew 3:13-16 and deals with the baptism of Jesus: 13 Then Jesus came from Galilee … Continue reading

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How Did God Choose The Location of the Temple? Monday Morning Parable

I attended a wedding this weekend and heard a great rabbinic parable that described how God chose the location for his temple in Jerusalem.  The parable is located in the Talmud, and there are a couple of versions of the … Continue reading

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Go Tell That Fox…..

During my journey to learn the text within context, I was amazed to note that Jesus often referenced actual historical events.  Most notably, Jesus references a couple of events in Herod’s life that would have been somewhat embarrassing to Herod. … Continue reading

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