Happiness and the Separation of Light and Dark

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”  –Pablo Picasso 

Greetings from Hollywood, CA by way of Austin, TX.  It was a busy week in Austin, and will be an even busier weekend in Hollywood!  Lots of exciting stuff going on in life and every day is a new adventure for me.

Today I just wanted to share some insights from the late, great Dr. Robert Muller.  He survived Nazi oppression, WWII, and went on to do incredible things at the United Nations.  I highly, highly recommend his book Most of All They Taught Me Happiness.  It has been my traveling companion this summer after someone gave it to me in the deserts of Tucson, AZ at Miraval.

“After reflection I agreed that man had indeed the choice of seeing everything in light or in dark and that it was not unwise to start the day with the conviction that one felt good, healthy, and happy to be alive.  The amount and intensity of happiness, one’s zest for life, one’s attitude toward the surrounding world are perhaps determined after all by a basic “internal decision” taken at the beginning of each day.”

This quote struck me and made me think of the sages of ancient Israel (surprise, surprise).  One ancient sage used to teach that at the beginning of the Bible God created the light and the dark and separated them.  The rest of the Bible was God showing man the difference between the two (light and dark).  I thought that was a deep and profound summary of the Biblical narrative.

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