Saving the World Entire, Monday Morning Parable

For centuries, rabbis have asked the question: “Why was Adam, a single human being, created first rather than along with the other humans?”

While the sages have debated this question throughout the ages, the Talmud reasons that God first created Adam only to teach the value of a single human life to all future generations.  Anyone who destroys even one life, destroys an entire world.  And he who preserves a single human life has saved the equivalent of the entire world.

In addition, Adam’s isolated creation will remind the rest of humanity through the end of time that we all spring from the same parent.  Hence, for the sake of peace among humankind, no one can ever say to another, “My father was greater than your father.”

The Talmud contrasts the creation of humanity to the minting of coins.  No matter how many coins are cast from the same mold, each coin is identical.  Even though the Almighty made human beings from a single person, none of us is exactly like any other.

With this awareness, each individual can claim, as Adam did, “The world was created for my sake and my sake alone.”  For this, each of us must feel richly blessed.  (Talmudic source: Sanhedrin 37a-b)

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1 Response to Saving the World Entire, Monday Morning Parable

  1. Karen Kol says:

    Never thought of Adam as the way the Talmud says. Very interesting.

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