The Catholic Woman and her visions of Jesus

Years ago, rumors spread that a certain Catholic woman was having visions of Jesus.  The reports reached the archbishop.  He decided to check her out to decide if her visions were authentic or if she was a lunatic.

“Is it true, m’am, that you have visions of Jesus?” asked the cleric.

“Yes”, the woman replied simply.

“Well, the next time you have a vision, I want you to ask Jesus to tell you the sins that I confessed in my last confession.”

The woman was stunned.  “Did I hear you right, bishop?  You actually want me to ask Jesus to tell me the sins of your past?”

“Exactly.  Please call me if anything happens.”

Ten days later the woman notified her spiritual leader of a recent vision.

“Please come”, she said.

Within the hour the archbishop arrived.  “You just told me on the telephone that you actually had a vision of Jesus.  Did you do what I asked?”

“Yes, bishop, I asked Jesus to tell me the sins you confessed in your last confession.”

The bishop leaned forward with anticipation.  His eyes narrowed.  “What did Jesus say?”

She took his hands and gazed deep into his eyes. “Bishop,” she said, “these are Jesus’ exact words:  I don’t remember.

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