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I Saw The Sign……and Superman

Today I just wanted to explore the gospel of John briefly, and what insights we can gather from the instances in the gospel where the writer categorizes an act done by Jesus as a “sign.” John 2 – Water into … Continue reading

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Rabbi and the Roman

Many centuries ago in the land of Israel, one of the early rabbis was returning home from a long day in the House of Study. It was later than usual, and as he walked home, the sun set. Lost deep … Continue reading

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We Love The Scriptures and Want Them To Sweep Us Off Our Feet…

I actually believe that the biblical text is a living and breathing Word.  The first time I seriously attended a church, our pastor preached through the Book of Leviticus for an entire year, verse by verse. Yes, that’s right. Menstrual … Continue reading

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What is a Parable?

Most Christian scholars have misunderstood parables for quite sometime.  In applying a hellenistic, greek mindset to studying the parables; the original context, intent, and meaning is sometimes lost.  The Hellenistic mindset is primarily concerned with an egocentric viewpoint, everything is … Continue reading

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Living Between The Trees

At the center of Earth’s creation stands a tree.  Picture the opening credits of a movie with me.  The camera begins by panning up the gnarled tree trunk as the golden light of dawn begins to cloak the tree branches … Continue reading

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